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At Defined Life, we are about helping you create a clear vision for your life. A place where you can be inspired and find the necessary tools, education and resources to help you on your journey.

We are about challenging limiting beliefs and past habits that don't serve us....learning and growing from our mistakes rather then letting us be defined by them.

 When we come from a place of higher standards for ourselves, we strive for greater things and challenges don't stop us... instead we come from a place of empowerment and we tackle obstacles with determination!

This is a place where you are challenged to dream again...or to awaken dreams you never knew even existed.

Defined Life is a place to create a vision for each of the most important areas in your life that give you purpose and meaning....that encourages you to get up each day with a passionate pep in your step!

A place to feel empowered!

A place to be inspired!

 It's time to take control! To take a stand.

To write or rewrite your story.

You control your does not control you. This is a step by step journey into becoming the person you know you were created to be. 

A place where you challenge yourself with new purpose creating a vision for each area of your life.

When you start at the right place and follow the path that you designed you get to the destination you intended.

Defined Life is NOT about if you think about something hard enough it will happen. Yes, an empowered vision is a very critical first step but then there is necessary action and necessary daily positive empowering habits that are a must to get you there.

We cannot stand on limiting beliefs and get there.

We cannot be lazy and get there.

We cannot hold onto past bad habits

or the mistakes of our past and get there.


when your vision is powerful it drives you! It steers your course or quickly gets you back on a defined path. 

This is a place where dreams start or dreams are encouraged to become a reality. This may be a place to re-create your life gaining new direction, new inspiration, new purpose!

When a vision is created with determination and passion behind it, it can be a very powerful start.

We never become better when we settle.

We become better and grow when we are challenged. You'll be inspired by powerful story after powerful story of those who have been challenged by life's curve balls only to hit it out of the ball park. It's not about falling's about getting up! It's about knowing your path and walking your path with purposeful determination.

Michael Jordan said "I failed time and time again...and that its why I succeeded! "

Set your course and take the journey to achieve a life defined and designed by you.

We would love it if you shared your journey with us through our contact page.  

Mark Kennon - Owner